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New R Package

jeudi 21 décembre

New R Package : "Places : Structural Equivalence Analysis for Two-mode Networks", développé par Delio Lucena

The R package "Places : Structural Equivalence Analysis for Two-mode Networks" includes the implementation of two algorithms for the study of structural equivalence in 2-mode networks, aka affiliation or bipartite networks.

The “places” function identifies the positions of structural equivalence in a network, called places, where all the elements sharing a same place are connected in exactly the same way to the rest of the network. And, it also creates a network of places, as a blockmodel image, which is a network of structurally equivalent positions and can be analyzed in the “usual way”.

The “kplaces” function identifies positions of structural equivalence, but admits a tolerance level k, defined by the user. The k indicates the maximum number of sets that can be divergent between different elements of the network. Thus, all the elements sharing the same k-place are connected in a similar way to the rest of the network. As in the "places" function, a network of structural equivalence positions (places and k-places) is created.

For more information about the use of these functions in the Places package, please consult the documentation.

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