Laboratoire d’Etude et de Recherche sur l’Economie, les Politiques et les Systèmes Sociaux

Séminaire A/D

Séminaire avec Nicola Gallai "A framework for the (economic) valuation of ecosystem services : the case of pollinators and pollination service" 14h salle MD309

Résumé : Ecosystem services are the benefits that humans derive from ecosystems. Ecosystem services thus contribute to social welfare. Many authors have stressed that assessing the benefits of ecosystem services could play a key role in guiding collective choices. To put it plainly, the notion of evaluation refers very much to the economic conception of value. Recent literature questions this trend and disavows economic rationale as the only way to value ecosystem service. In order to fully meet their objectives, assessments should include socio-cultural and ecological values. In this paper, we try to clarify the relationships between the different notions of values from the example of the pollination service. For this, we suggest a conceptual framework of evaluation process that integrates the different concept of values. Thus, we advocate that economic values would integrate in different manner the sociocultural and ecological values in such a way that these values are organized toward decision-making. The case of pollinators and pollination is an interesting example to study such a perspective that allows both to understand how these distinct value registers interact and the limits of this integration for real policy-making. This does not means that using directly sociocultural and ecological values have no interest for decision-makers. Indeed, sometimes the economic value is not possible and/or not manageable due to some market biased. In this case and only in these cases, the decision-makers should use other way of value pollination service.