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Séminaire A/D

Séminaire A/D avec T.T Nguyen Huu "Wage penalties associated with temporary employment status : first evidence from Asian countries" le 04/12 à 14 H - MD003

Thanh Tam Nguyen Huu (CREAM et Département d’économie, Université de Rouen) en savoir plus

"Wage penalties associated with Temporary Employment status : First evidence from Developing Asian countries" Thuy Linh Le, University of Paris Dauphine ; Huu Chi NGUYEN, University of Paris 13 Nord ; Thanh Tam NGUYEN HUU, University of Rouen


This research aims at examining the effects of temporary jobs on wage in selected Asian countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Pakistan, based on their national Labor Force Survey data. The estimates indicate that temporary wage differentials depend highly on the arrangement form (fixed terms, casual, full-time or part-time), and on the relative position in the wage distribution. In some cases hourly wage penalties of temporary jobs turn into premium when it concerns temporary parttimers. In most of these country cases, temporary wage gaps do substantially vary along distribution. Both "sticky floors" and "glass ceiling" reveal. The temporary wage gap is wider at the bottom of wage distribution in Vietnam suggesting that the penalty of being in temporary jobs could be more severe for disadvantaged workers, whereas "glass ceiling" effect in Pakistan prevents temporary workers from approaching high wages, particularly at the top of the wage distribution.

Keywords : Non-Standard Employment, Temporary Employment, Wage Gap, Asia