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Séminaire A/D

Séminaire A/D avec Isabel Maria Bodas-Freita "Imprints from idea generation on innovation and the organizational selection environment of inventors" - le 22 janvier à 13h - MC204

Résumé : This study builds on the innovation and organization literatures to examine how an innovation’s origin and its selection environment behave at the intersection and influence the nature of innovation outcomes. Specifically, we focus on how the organizational environment to which inventors are exposed reinforces or erodes the imprinting of the knowledge sources at the project’s origin on the nature of innovation outcomes. We use data from a survey to inventors on the process of development of three types of innovations : market innovations, technological innovations, and innovations with market and technological relevance. Results suggest that the organizational environment in which the project is developed moderates the effect of the original knowledge sources on the innovation outcome. The imprinting effect of ideas on innovative outcomes is shown to be stronger for independent inventors, while it is more likely to decay in creative projects undertaken by inventors at technology leader firms. In addition, results suggest that firms may increase their ability to produce innovations of technological and market relevance if they involve independent inventors in inventive projects that have at their origin in market knowledge sources.

Isabel-Maria Bodas-Freitas, Professeur Associé au département Management et Technologie de l’Ecole de Management de Grenoble

Ses domaines d’expertise :

  • Adoption des innovations
  • Apprentissage organisationnel
  • Diffusion d’innovations administratives
  • Economie et management technologique
  • Innovation