Laboratoire d’Etude et de Recherche sur l’Economie, les Politiques et les Systèmes Sociaux

Séminaire A/D

Séminaire A/D avec Ana Larrea "Inequality and malnutrition in Ecuador" lundi 23 novembre à 10 H - MD309

Ana Larrea (Ph.D. Candidate, Université Autonome de Barcelone°


We measure the effect of inequality on stunting in children (age<5 years) by regressing the z-score of height-for-age using multilevel regressions ; and the dummy for stunting using logistical multilevel regressions against the provincial, county and parish Gini coefficients while controlling for individual, maternal, household and contextual characteristics. We find the Gini coefficient has a significant deleterious correlation with both z-score and stunting except in the logistic parish model. Data on the nutritional status of parents is lacking as is panel data, therefore we are unable to identify causal effects. We conclude inequality is has a significant deleterious correlation with children’s nutrition. Finally, we propose teo pathways : (1) inequality may increases pre-natal maternal stress, causing elevated CRH levels, low birth weight and chronic malnutrition during infancy ; (2) inequality erodes maternal agency over household resources affecting child’s health.